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After graduating from high school in Jefferson City, I earned both my bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Engineering Management from  the University of Missouri at Rolla (now Missouri S&T). Click here to read more.


Jay Ashcroft joins the Marc Cox Show

Jay Ashcroft joins the Marc Cox Show to talk about the race for Secretary of State and the new voter ID law. “[Voter ID] Which our guest right now, Jay Ashcroft, running for Secretary of State, has been pushing for, for a long time.” Enjoyed visiting with Marc Cox last Friday (5/13/16) about the passage of […]


It’s Time to for the Missouri Senate to Pass Voter ID

Once again, I’m calling on the Missouri State Senate to take up and pass a photo voter ID bill that has the overwhelming support of Missourians. Senate Republicans should reject efforts by Democrats to attach early voting provisions that were soundly rejected in November of 2014 when over 70 percent of voters rejected Amendment 6. […]


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Americans built the greatest economic engine that the world has ever seen. So what happened? Our leaders lost their faith in the people and bought into the lie that greatness comes from government. What makes us great isn’t found in the backrooms of D.C. or Jeff City. It’s right here: our families, our communities, and our small businesses. We already have everything we need to grow our economy. We just need government to get out of our way.

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