Free & Fair Elections


The most important role of the Secretary of State is as Missouri’s chief elections officer. From writing the ballot language, to ensuring accurate vote tallies, the Secretary of State is responsible for ensuring our elections are free, fair…and accurate.

That is a lot of power and trust to put into one office. In the wrong hands, that power could be used to twist the outcomes of important elections.

As Tom Stoppard, a British playwright, once said: “It’s not the voting that’s democracy; it’s the counting.”

In the Secretary of State’s office, I’ll make it our priority to leave the outcome of Missouri’s elections where it should be: The hands of the voters.

To make sure that happens, I’ll focus on:

  • Fair Ballot Language: I will not play games with the ballot language. You should know exactly what you are voting for without having to decipher misleading or confusing language.
  • Secure Elections: I will make sure our state election authorities have the training, technology, and over-sight they need to ensure every legitimate vote is counted…and counted accurately!
  • Voter Identification: In today’s world, fraud and identity theft are constant threats. The best way to protect your vote is a strong voter identification requirement so that you can be confident that no one else is using your name to steal your voice. To learn more about how you can join this effort, click here.