Creating Jobs



The first experience most businesses and non-profits have with the government is through the Secretary of State’s office. It is here where they file the necessary paperwork to register and incorporate their businesses.

Overly complicated procedures, expensive fees, and poor service from the Secretary of State’s staff can cause a burgeoning business to fail before it even gets started.

Only about half of new businesses survive past five years. While there are many reasons for this, government often plays a role in holding entrepreneurs and innovators back.

As Secretary of State, I’ll focus on supporting the small businesses and local entrepreneurs that are the true engines of Missouri’s economy by:

  • Streamline Procedures: New businesses should not have to navigate an obstacle course of redundant paperwork and questionnaires to get started.
  • Cut Red-Tape: Unneeded regulations can stifle job growth and innovation. I will focus on identifying which regulations cause new businesses the most difficulty and I will work with the legislature to eliminate or fix them.
  • Reduce Fees: Before they have a chance to make any money, businesses are hit with mountains of start-up costs, from rent to equipment to local business licenses. I will work to reduce state government-imposed costs for new businesses.
  • Improve Training: Many first time business owners lack the experience and training needed to succeed. As Secretary of State, I will work to provide unique training and educational opportunities for new business owners, so they can quickly gain the skills needed to build a thriving enterprise.