Voter ID is now the law

Effective June 1, Missouri’s new requirements for presenting enhanced identification at the polling place are in effect. It’s regrettable opponents are wasting time complaining about this outcome rather than helping spread the word about steps anyone can take to comply.

Constitutional Amendment 6, allowing for implementation of photo voter ID, received support from nearly two-thirds of voters in the last election. These voters understood this would require a time of transition but the goal was worthy: to protect the integrity of the ballot box.

It did not matter to these voters whether voter fraud had been widespread in the recent past. They saw the proposed standard as a commonsense improvement to existing laws.

At the risk of seeming far out of the mainstream, the Missouri Democratic Party leadership launched a broad attack last week – calling the voting rules “an unacceptable attempt … to roadblock Missourians on their way to the ballot box.”

Jay Ashcroft, the Republican secretary of state, understandably bristled at that charge, recognizing a politically motivated effort to undermine him as he launches a statewide voter education tour this week.

What’s worse, attacks like these undermine bipartisan support for our elections process – this despite that fact that the numbers show members of both parties accepted the new requirement as the right thing to do.

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